Check it out, our Achievements are live! Look at all these great things you’ll be achieving in a few weeks time!

Two highlights from this cavalcade of top tier achievement design include:

  • The Horn Proclaimers
    Honk your horn 500 times, then honk your horn 500 more.
    The best worst thing about is achievement is that you probably have “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” stuck in your head now. 

  • Wheels of Steel
    Complete an eSports Speedrun without exploding.

    I’m obligated to put an “…of Steel” achievement in every game I work on. I’m so sorry. (I’m not sorry.)

Go check out the full list over here!


It’s August 18th! That means there’s only one month to go until Official Roundabout Day on September 18th!

Be sure to chat with your city officials to find out what local celebrations are in store for your favorite ’70s B-Movie game about a constantly revolving limousine.

Don’t forget to pre-order, too. Those fancy Humble Widgets above this post will get you a Steam key, and the deluxe edition comes with a crazy amount of extras.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionIs it true that Beaglerush of Shacktac and Youtube fame is your brother? Answer

Yep! Beagle’s my e-famous internet celebrity sibling, which is how I tricked him into doing our FMV editing for Roundabout. I tried trading places and doing an Ironman Impossible, but it didn’t work out so great.


One of the many “hats” you can buy for your limo in Roundabout is a pet eagle. My favourite thing about this hat is that it’ll help you by pointing you in the direction of your next objective. Eagles are helpful!

There’s no name for this guy yet, though. Panzer wants to name it “Jeffrey 2”. I think that may cause some confusion since we already have a Jeffrey in the game. Do you have a better name?

As part of a bunch of site stuff over at Harmonix, all of the stuff has been merged into 

Bad news: the Rock Band 2 and 3 design blogs didn’t survive the merge. 

Good news: at the time, I cross posted our Rock Band 2 blogs to Blogger. For the kids, Blogger is basically the Google+ of Tumblr. Here’s a handy archive in case you want to look at poorly written feature annoucements and Q&A’s from six years ago.

Rock Band 2 blog archive


See a mountain? You can go there.

While we were doing our website and press revisions for the release date announce, the following Twitter exchange happened:

Consider it done. Thanks for the suggestion, Rory!



Roundabout is coming to Steam and the Humble Store on September 18th. Look at that! Not long now until all this FMV spinning craziness will be in your hands.

We’ve also updated along with the date announcement. You can preorder both the normal and Deluxe Edition versions of Roundabout for 20% off over there!

But that’s not all!

We’re also going to be bringing some open world puzzle limo spinning action the the PlayStation 4!

A PS4 version has been our most requested thing to do, so we’re pretty psyched that we’ll be bringing Roundabout to it. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will be out early 2015.



I cannot think of today without remembering two people. Though I never would have guessed it, and I’m not sure they ever actually met, I’ll always think of Ryan Davis and my father in the same breath.

When moving long distance, companies calculate by weight, as more weight means more fuel. I’d…


Hey Roundabout pals. We have some important Roundabout pricing stuff that I want to make sure you all know about before it comes into effect next week.

The short version:

The early bird discount ends this week! If you want to save 50% off the “Deluxe Edition” with all the bonuses, pre-order from the Humble Widget above (or at in the next few days!

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Album Art


For one of our scenes, we needed Beth to adlib a couple of minutes of random idle car chatter. Here’s a snippet.

I’m really hoping we don’t owe Dave Lang royalties now.

Played 1021 times.